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Lagos Style week 2011


Chai, no be Small Fashion Show as the Ogbonge Lagos Style Week 2011 kick off for inside The Incubator for Victoria Island on Saturday 26th and sunday 27th November 2011 as many designer come show their latest design to we country people dem for Lagos.Make we feed our eyes small with some of the fine fine designs for dia!

Photography: Usigbe Ehikhamenor

Photo: Usigbe Ehikhamenor

Designer dey take milk make cloth!


by Rachael Ogbu

Remember that ajebo pickin for television wey dey shout say “mum peak milk now comes in a sache” Well, e go need run go meet im mamma again as milk don upgrade- don land in different sizes too o.

Yes o, since Lady Gaga wear meat go award show, fashion designers dem bin dey crack their brain as to how dem go do pass dat one. Na im Anke Domaske, 28 year old designer wey dey for Germany release baffs wey she take milk sew.

No be say she take milk pour for body begin waka o! Domaske don make new material to sew style from ogbonge milk protein casein — the first man-made cloth wey no get chemicals at all at all.

Reuters na im report say Domaske dey call the cloth QMilch. She yarn say the cloth better pass any other cloth for market, sake of say, e get sontin wey be anti-ageing wey be like say e go dey make you look like small pickin dey fresh dey go. Dem still talk say QMilch get antibacterial tins, wey dey helep blood circulation and body temperature- (dis one don pass the one wey the woman with issue of blood touch for bible o). As Sisi Domaske dey sell market dey go, she still yarn say the material smooth die, e nor dey smell and you fit wash am like normal cloth.

madame fashion designer and microbiologist anke Domaske dey pose with the clothe wey she take milk sew. Photo: REUTERS

One big fashion company wey be Mademoiselle Chi Chi, don begin to weave the milk fibre inside their next bale of cloth for big boys and girls dem. E go reach like 6 litres of milk to sew one dress sha, and person wey wan wear am gasto hold like 150 euros($199) to 200 euros for pocket and unlike peak, dis one no get expiry date except you turn orobo. E nor better to kuku drink the milk inside body? Na question we ask o!