SISI TATAFO: Chemical! Chemical! Chemical!

Sisi Tatafo dey faya prayer ontop Bashar al-Assad, Syrian presido head. She don watch TV, watch chemical comot for im eyes as she see where children dey die


Writer: Stephanie Ohumu

Since sun come out today I never fit chop. I be like person wey soldier beat. My eye dey turn me and my body come dey hot join! I no sure say that man wey dem use mace take knack im head for Rivers House of Assembly get the kind headache wey hold me so; like say na inside my head Don Jazzy dey do beat. I weak like finger wey whitlow damage.

You go dey wonder now say, wetin do Ogirly? Abi she don still go find trouble for area na im dem show am wasup? No be so oh.

Na yesterday as I say make I watch news before Super Story start na im I see wetin make me weak so. Na so I just siddon dia dey look, I nor fit talk, water dey comot from my eye. See us dey talk say Naija nor good, say fuel too dear, say Bros Jonah no dey treat us right, say Boko Haram dey chop people for forest. Naija wahala be small matter for where this issue dey oh! At least nor be government dey carry hand kill our people.

In case you never still know, na Syria matter dey disturb me for mind! You go believe say dia presido, Bashar al- Assad say the civil war wey don turn im country upside down never reach, na im im start to dey kill im citizens! Already before now, about 2 million children be don comot from school for Syria because of this fight . Even sef, about 1.7 million of Syria refugees don run go the countries wey take body near their own, like Lebanon, Turkey and even Iraq sef! Shey you see say for people to run go hide for Iraq water don pass garri!

All the attacks wey al-Assad government bin dey do before now, we bin dey hear say na one dangerous terrible fearfully made chemical na im dem take dey kill im people. But my people, una know say “dem say-dem say,” most times nor dey correct. Na this last attack na im come vex everybody. Na the video I watch yesterday so wey make me be like this. For this video so ehn, women, men and even small small pikin dem sef dey ground dey cry, dey die, dey shake like earthworm wey them piss on top. If anybody watch am, no cry- no call me Ogirly!

But my mind don come down small now because the Senate for Yankee don finally tell their presido, Barack Obama say im fit attack dem Assad bad belle soldiers! Although no be say U.S army go go Syria oh, na all those remote control airplane wey dem dey call “drone,” na those ones dem wan take faya the bad people. Dem say the attack no go long pass 90 days, but at least e still good; after all, half bread is better than buns.

To use chemical weapons anyhow dey very bad and the international community no dey like am. And as at now about 100,000 people na im dem say don die. Me nor come understand why Russia and U.N come dey spoil tings for the matter.

I don stop to cry because I wan start to dey skabash. I wan call fire come down make im burn all dem bad belle Assad like soup when them forget on top stove. I go pray say all those small pikin dem, God go protect dem, take im heavenly wrapper take cover dem. Whether na juju you dey worship, you be Muslim, Christian, if you like sef no be any one, just pray for Syria people.

My people, go online make you find how you fit take help them. If na to sign petition or donate give Red Cross and other N.G.O them.

Wetin happen to Mubarak? Dem nor catch Egypt dictator? Where Osama Bin Laden dey now? When people spiritual bomb plus physical one finish with Assad, person wey drink acid go better pass am.


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  1. I think its high time the u.s soldiers intervene for the syrians crying for help tho I heard if obama try to it will result in the third world war but surely help has to come to the innocent ones especially the children nice one stef!!

  2. OMG!!! *Crying* oly God na know wetin dis world dey turn in2. E come be like say human life nor get value again.I jt dey pray make God send E angels as E dey do am for bible cuz e nor gt wetin man go fit do.

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