December 19 , 2011

Jollyficate: City without people


E nor be small ting as people gather for Life House, Victoria Island, to follow Ogbonge writer and Teacher, Professor Niyi Osundare jollificate as im show people im new Book.

Di Book; CITY WITHOUT PEOPLE: Katrina Poems, yarn plenty tings about how di Prof nearly kpai inside dat big breeze- Hurricane Katrina- wey carry water dabaru tings for America for 2005. Di Place set wit correct music from Dtone. People like Ropo Ewenla,Segun Adefila and Iquo Eke read some Poem inside di book, before Di Prof come deck, read di book give people with some kain Yoruba song. Akeem Lasisi  and Edaoto na dem close d groove wit Poetry and music. Prof Osundare dey teach for America.

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