Naija woman win Muslim Miss World

The woman wey im name na Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola, say she happy well well as she win and say the competition na to show the world say Islam dey beautiful.


Na for one shopping centre for Jarkata for Indonesia na im this beauty contest wey dem call Muslimah World shele. 20 women na im reach the final out of more than 500 wey enter the competition ontop internet.

As part of the finals, the women dey required to wear their hijab, wear their long gown and high heel shoe, come denge pose onto stage. Dem also dey required to recite Koran.

As the Naija woman win na im she fall for ground, dey thank God. Her prize include $2200 (N356, 000) and she go come travel go Mecca and India.

Na one woman wey dem dey call Eka Shanti na im start the competition for 2011, after dem sack am from work  because of her hijab.

Before, na only Indonesian women be dey enter the competition but after dem start to dey compare am to Miss World, teh organisers of Muslimah World come allow make other women from other countries enter this year own.

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