February 1, 2011

Subsidy- na me e pain pass

Say gofment do magic commot petrol subsidy, nor be new ting again for Naija, if you dey here since January 1, u go sabi say na different kain pepper body naim dey do our people as dem wake up hear we presido yarn say fuel don be N141 per litre. Na all of us wear dis petrol subsidy shoe, but as e be say some of us dey wear court shoe, others dey wear sandals, others sef dey nack canvas,then on top dat one, everybody get different shoe size, we nor dey sure whether e dey pain everybody true true.

As dem finally commot small of di subsidy, e come be like say na heavy mess wey Naija don mess so, naim we say make we see as e dey smell reach for Lagos. We say make we torchlight some kain people see as dem take arrange body inside dis subsidy and strike gbege.

I first jam Eka Ubong; she say na her name be dat, unless you wan call am Madam Brownson- dat na her husband name. Her last born Joshua, dey crawl for ground. Small time e go pull di mama wrapper with hand wey im don rub for dorty finish. Her first born Ubong, dey for corner, dey grind Egusi for customer inside machine.

Eka Ubong yarn me say as she come market nor be say e pay am o; she don tire to siddon for house, dey sleep, wake, chop, sleep again. Small time food nor go dey make children chop.

Since wey fuel put money, na she sabi as she dey take hol body. Even when di strike tie wrapper, she get to follow other market people commot house before 5 nack, make she fit  reach Iddo, buy market, return before seven nack.

Di strike gbege? Well, she nor like as dem close market sake of strike- na only for afternoon naim dem dey gree dem sell market for Adaranijo market- but she sabi say di strike runs na better runs sake of say if e finish, life go better for am too. She dey ready to suffer now, make tomorrow for get head small

She say since dis year enter, na only suffer head wey e carry come. ‘Bus wey we dey enter hundred naira go Oyingbo, now na beg we dey beg dem make dem collect two hundred naira. Every ting jus cost for market.

She say na di twenty-twenty naira wey she go make on top the market naim  she go take sabi how far.  Like say children don start school as dem suppose start di day wey strike shele, she nor sabi how she for take pay bus money for the three wey dey go school.

I come carry eye look her first born, Ubong, wey don grind sontin finish, di boy dey ask my name make im friend me for facebook. I wonder how many of im mama twenty twenty naira im go don fap to carry load internet for di small phone wey dey im hand.

My next bus stop na Deniyi. Deniyi be like bobo wey sabi whats up. Im be accountant wey dey do correct IT work for one auditing company for Lekki. Im yarn me say when im chook head for Falomo wen dem dey do strike gbege, nor be because say im nor fit buy fuel N141, na sake of say e don too much for dis gofment. Im ask me wether I sabi say dat na like 117% wey dem take increase petrol price? Di guy provoke; say how dem go carry we head rub for poto poto like dat, say dem nor try at all! Water; na him dey pump am for im house, light, na him sabi how im dey burn fuel every day sake of say NEPA abi na PHCN only sabi to dey send persin nonsense bill even as dem nor dey give light. Im car (di machine make brain nor be small) don hear am well well, bicos no better road for persin to drive with free mind. The one road wey for make small sense, state gofment say make we dey pay heavy toll on top am.

Deniyi yarn say to make tings set for Naija nor be say e too hard, but say some people wey feel say dem get two head don kak on top dis we country money, now dem  say make ordinary people dey suffer to swallow di rubbish upon nonsense mess wey dem with their ‘cabal’ don turn Naija to. Deniyi believe say now wey dem don nearly commot all di subsidy wey nor gree dem do correct tings for us, we go see wetin  go be scapegoat wey go chop all di blame for their wayo.

Like say na only fuel wey cost; maybe im for nor too vex. Say even now wey dem don change price go N97, to cut hair for im correct barber don add money. For house, im get to add chop money for im girlfriend. Im say small time now she go yarn say dem don put money for salon price to do hair, even for di Brazilian weave wey she dey wear for head! Di guy na original accountant, one kobo nor fit loss for im hand o.

Well, me I nor sabi how your side be, whether you hol pepper or you nor too hol pepper. Boys dey vex, babes nor dey smile. Me, I go like tink say Naija subsidy wahala take style pain every body sha. Abi e nor pain you?

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