SISI TATAFO: On top souvenir matter

SISI TATAFO dey celebrate im papa papa papa remembrance today; make we follow am jolly.


“Madam, souvenir never reach my hand o!”

This na the normal thing to hear every Friday or Saturday for Benin. Sometimes sef, e fit be you when dey shout, drag, push, pull, hustle- for wetin? Either plastic cup or bucket or all those other nonsense.

I believe say this na our problem for Naija! We too like souvenir! Something wey we fit buy with our own money o!

Just because say we sew cloth wey we never pay for, wear come pesin burial/marriage, we believe say everything wey dem share for the party must to reach our hand.


But make I nor too criticize sha, because me sef like to go gbedu and get osho free. For all these jollification, na burial food I like pass!

Why you dey look me like that? Na true and I go tell you why.

The reason be say, na burial rice/pounded yam/amala/owo dey sweet pass! For marriage or birthday all dem catering cook dem dey happy as dem dey cook. The women wan rush cook am make dem go shake body for the dance floor so most times, error dey dey! Although sometimes e fit sweet o.

But during burial, (hehehhehe) the person don die! Everybody dey sad one kind (no be say this sadness go prevent them for tiffing meat o). Dem dey take dia time cook the food. Everywhere dey dey calm. Some go even fit cry put for inside as dem dey turn the rice sef and una know say tears dey dey salty.

Shut up! Eeeew ke. Food when you dey buy from KFC (and I mean Kada Fried Chicken) you know how many people don spit put?

Wetin even carry my mind go burial rice this early morning na the commotion for my house. Today na my late papa papa papa remembrance. Yes, all those five years in mind. We the family of gbo gbo eh gbo gbo eh.


This my great great grand papa so ehn, e suffer for im life sha. You go believe say when e small, before e even start to dey waka sef, some sharp oyibo dem kidnap am! (You see say na dem teach Niger Delta Militant work).

These people use my great great great grand papa work ehn so tey im back bend. After some time sha, na im my papa papa papa pikin dem come talk say enough is enough, rescue their papa from all those limpopolizers.

Before the poor man fit enjoy im freedom, kpau! E die.

Who kill am?

Na the bad eggs dem for inside im children na im make the guy kick bucket o. To add insult upon injury ehn, na the pikins dem when e tell to take care of the other children na im kill am so.

Anyway, sha we don forgive and forget and old things don pass away. As I be dey talk, today na im anniversary of death.

And yet for inside our ancestor house, compound when wells dey, we no dey see water drink.

All imm muturu cow, we no see do suya. Even sef, the farmland, none of the food dey enter our belle!

Why we no go drag for plastic souvenirs?

Na time for me to drag for souvenir be this oh. Forget say I suppose don graduate fit dey buy this phone for myself. Forget say bad people still dey run about for bush dey kill people chop dem. Remove all those yama yama from your head.

Today na time to jollificate. Our papa don die since 1960. On this 53rd rememberance, I go dance till my waist pain me. Because why, I believe in reincarnation. One day one day, e go better.

Oya, make I go hustle for meat from backyard.


5 thoughts on “SISI TATAFO: On top souvenir matter”

  1. Lol, na true sha, burial rice de sweet o. Anyway I still feel say naija de grow up. Them get slow brain development with time, them go mature. Nice article tho.

  2. Sisi tatafo u do well o!bt as u don tlk abt tears wey dey enta burial fud,me no dey chop am again o! Na only souvenir me go dey collect!@ least u no even mention d cattarh wey go follow d tears enta! Eeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

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