Soldiers dey run from Boko Haram for Borno

Boko Haram get better  weapon pass Nigeria soldiers. Dem dey enter barrack dey steal tanker, soldier uniform- come enter villages dey kpai people anyhow, especially the vigilantes- Civilian JTF.

Dem say na last Tuesday na im Boko Haram attack one village, Benisheik, wey dey 75 km from Maiduguri, kill and injure up to 140 people, destroy houses and motor.

People wey survive this massacre talk say no be only shoot the Boko Haram dey shoot people, say dem even they cut off people head with one sharp instrument wey be like carpentar saw.

Dem say na so Boko Haram stop people wey dey travel for Kano-Maiduguri road, tell all of dem to come down from their motor, come separate the men from the women. Dem come tell the men make dem dey run enter bush. As dem dey run, na so the Boko Haram dey shoot dem kill.

One girl wey im name na Sarah Hyeladi say na so she and her brother dey come back from where dem go make phone call for Yobe State- as government don ban all the phone and internet for Borno. She say as dem reach road see all the action film wey dey happen dem decide to run enter bush. When dem enter bush, dem see some men wey wear uniform, hold gun. The men come tell she and her brother to stop, turn back. As dem turn, na so dem drag her brother and before she go talk, “Abeg”, dem carry im brother chop off im head like say im be nama.

Soldiers wey don run from their post, talk say dem no fit face the Boko Haram because dia weapon strong pass soldier own. But na the soldiers run go Benishiek, warn the people say Boko Haram dey come, make dem run.

Government of Borno State don promise say all this horror movie go end, come allocate N50 million wey dem go use repair the town, say dem go give N250, 000 each to the family of the 14 people wey dem kill inside the village.

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