Soldiers kill people for Abuja, lie say dem be Boko Haram

Na on Friday na im some soldiers and SSS enter wan estate for Abuja , Apo, come kill some people wey dey live osho free for one house, come lie ssay dem don catch Boko Haram.


People wey survive dis massacre wey happen on Friday for Apo, Abuja, talk say na so dem dey dia own when soldiers come the uncompleted building where dem dey live osho free, come begin dey shoot dem like say dem dey hunt antelope.

Dem say the owner of the house na one military officer, say im bin don warn dem say make dem comot for im house, come give dem one week. But after two days, na im the soldiers and SSS just land the house, dey waste bullets wey dem suppose use shoot real Boko Haram.

The military people come quick quick send message go news people, say dem just shoot some “suspected Boko Haram” wey dey hide weapons for inside the house.

But people wey dey live for the area say na lie, say nobody for that area dey hide any gun and say the poeple wey dey live for the house na people wey come Abuja to find better life- dey drive keke Napep, dey sell fruits and other things to survive.

Now PREMIUM TIMES don talk say e be like say the soldiers dem dey plan go hide weapons for inside the building to confirm dia own tori.

O ga o!