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Badoski guys make banks close for Ogun


ABEOKUTA— People don dey cry as no bank gree open for Abeokuta and oda area for Ogun sake of make badoskis nor carry heavy knockout come block dem for dia. Dat kain ting don dey hapun well well for dia. Bad guys don dey thief plenty plenty money, even kpai some customers sef.

Naim make Oga Bank Managers for Ogun state siddon wit Ogun Gofnor Oga Ibikunle Amosun, yarn say dem nor go open dem bank again till di Gofnor range beta protection for dem.

People wey keep money for di banks don dey beg gofment to helep dem, make dem fit collect deir money do business. I sure say some people go don dey think am say, if to say dem put deir money for house, dem tori for nor get dis K-leg!

Muyiwa Adejobi, Police tori person , yarn say dem don send 105 MOPO go Ogun, wey go dey patrol evri corner. Today, anoda 155 MOPO go join dose ones, so no shakement. Make all banks carry go wit dia work.

Di state don arrange Task Force on top dis security matter since Monday, na di  State Gofment Secretary Oga Taiwo Adeoluwa, naim give dis tory as im dey check di first MOPO wey don start work inside di town.

Na God go help dose banks o! di kain big knockout wey dose Badoskis dey carry now ehn; even MOPO fit run!


Counting Moni for counter. Photo: Creative Commons