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UN, who delete my papa?- Aisha Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi daughter don yarn say her belle no sweet at all o, sake of say UN commission wen dey torchlight yamayama tings wey happen for inside Libya gbege last year nor wan torchlight who kill her papa.

Na October 20, 2011 naim we see for TV as people dey drag oga Gaddafi for ground, blood full im face and body, and we nor dey too sure how dem take rofo-rofo am like dat, bifor dem kpai am.

Onto dis matter naim Aisha send her lawyer, Nick Kaufman make e write letter give UN oga for di query and torchlighting wey dem dey do for Libya. For di letter she ask whether dem dey sure say dem dey torchlight di gbege from di two side wey e take happun, because nor be one side persin dey take sleep. Say dem suppose torchlight how her papa and her brother Mo’tassim take kpai after people gbab am.

She say people see am for everywhere say dem kill Gaddafi and im son, so she nor fit understand why Un people go torchlight di matter from only one side, dey ask plenty people wetin happun but dem nor wan hear Gaddafi family own for dis matter.

Di lawyer say na partial dem dey carry do their work, and say e no good.

Aishat Gaddafi na ogbonge lawyer too and she been follow for di lawyers wey defend Saddam Hussein, before im sef kpai.

Libya – Former Prisoner don turn Minista

Oga Fethi Tarbel, na im be Libya New Minista for sport and Young people matter.

Dis lawyer naim be di person wey dem arrest for February wey make Libya people start di I no Gree wey finally burst wen dem kpai deir former Presido, Gaddafi.

Na cry wey dis Oga take collect im new post as im dey yarn say im bin nor wan do di work. Now wey im don gree, e nor sabi how everything take hapun

Dis deir new gofment naim go carry Libya go front till dem fit do correct election next year.

NATO go waka comot Libya


Those wey chook mouth inside theLibya gbege like US, Britain and France under NATO don dey finally name date when dem go comot all their plane and gun dem from Libya.

NATO wey be North Atlantic Treaty Organization don talk say their runs for Libya go end one minute to midnight for Libya time on Monday, wey be today.

Dem reach dis decision after everybody for UN Security Council vote say make all military from other country’s comot hand from Libya neck after seven months.

Oga for NATO wey be  Anders Fogh Rasmussen talk say the Operation Unified Protector wen dem run for Libya na one of the most successful for the history of NATO o.

Na for March na im UN talk say Libya need fire-for-fire, after dem former presido wey be Muammar Gaddafi delete plenty plenty people wey say dem nor gree make im continue to be presido after 42 years.
Oga Gaddafi imsef delete on top the gbege.


Gaddafi: Bury me as una find me o


Will wey Muammar Gaddafi wey be Libya presido of 42 years before e die like chicken inside fight-fight last week don show.

Telegraph for London say the will short well well, and na only three photocopy dey. All of dem dey with Gaddafi family. One relative wey hold the will die, another one na arrest dem arrest am and the last one na im manage to escape with im copy of the will, wey dem publish in top Gaddafi im website.

For inside the will, Gaddafi say im must fight the gbege to siddon on top presido work to the last. Oga Gaddafi still yarn say if im die, make dem bury am with the same cloth wen im wear, make dem nor worry to baff im dead body and make dem try bury am for im hometown wey be Sirte.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi dead bodi dey inside freezer for vegetable warehouse for Misurata.

Gaddafi’s deletion

Libya people don dey jollificate for street, sake of say their presido of 42 years wey be Muammar Gaddafi don die. Na yesterday na im different video and film plus photo show as people dey march on top Bros Gaddafi body like say na nama. Since eight months now, na im we-nor-go-gree people, plus soldier from US, Britain and France wey be NATO don dey fight Gaddafi on top say im don too tay for presido runs and say im too wicked.

Many people die on top dis fight, and others run comot Libya as the gbege too hot.

Na since 1969 wey Gaddafi take strong eye and kpai-kpai style grab government, na im the sojaman dey rule Libya.

Since wey Gaddafi die, na so e be like new yam festival and Christmas for Tripoli, as per say people dey jollificate dey blow horn, dey dance atilogwu till this morning so as Zazugist dey yarn una about the matter. And for Misrata too, people dey wave flags up and down like say na Independence day for dat side. And for everywhere na so drivers plus agberos dey do dia own, carry did motor dey do sharp-sharp driving dey blow horn pan-pan-pan for everywhere.


Burial runs, plus NATO mus’ go

Today BBC radio say Gaddafi body tanda inside the city of Misrata, where dem don dey parade am for street since yesterday.

The National Transitional Council (NTC) wey dey run things for Libya now say dem go decide when and how dem go bury Ghaddafi but e go must be for secret location.

Meanwhile, those wey chook mouth from inside the Libya gbege like US, Britain and France under NATO don dey decide say dem go soon comot all their plane and gun dem from Libya. Dem go meet today to see say no yawa still dey for ground for Libya, and the matter go still take some days sha to enter fullstop, as dem talk am for BBC.

Na many people get hand for the deletion matter o, dem include we-nor-go-gree Libyan peoples, plus including US, NATO and French soja people dem. As the man don kpai, oga microphone for NATO come yarn say now wey dem don pursue dog take bone from im mouth, time don reach make dem, NATO, discharge from area.






How dem see am

As Gaddafi don join im ancestors so, plenty people don already dey yarn plenty matters o. Amnesty International don draw NTC dem ear say, make dem torchlight Gaddafi deletion matter well well. And make dem nor use rough hand hold the man family people wey remain, say even if them catch them for anywhere make dem nor treat them like arm robbers o.

Another person wey nor bend mouth talk for this matter na Abubaker Saad, who be boy-boy for Gaddafi for nine years, im yarn say e nor matter say Gaddafi dey this world or the other spirit world, so far the man nor don stop dey live kakaraka life. Say the man nor be let dem drink water put cup for ground for Libya sha o.

The oga pata-pata for NTC, Mustafa Abdul Jali, go yarn on Saturday say Libya don free pata-pata, say no wahala again. Members for this council don also yarn say na after the oga don tell Libya and the world say dem don free, na then dem go begin gather new firewood for pure government wey nor get sansan or strong hand for people.

Prince Idris Al-Senussi, wey Gaddafi comot for power 42 years ago yarn CNN say:

“Finally finally, I go fit enter country wey dem nor tie rope for im neck again. Country wey I love die, and e sweet me for belle say na Libyan people use dem hand arrange the matter”

U.S. senior akonwe Hillary Clinton when e first hear the matter open mouth and the only thing wey comot na “Wow.”

America Presido Barack Obama hail Libya people say dem don “comot the willy-willy wey dey make people fear fear. If dem tell person last year say Libya go see free nobody go believe. But Libya people tanda say, no way no way, dem don tire and begin jam body. And when Gaddafi begin cause serious katakata and sojaman gbege dey delete people from city to city and town, begin show men and women and children pepper, the world say enough don do, we nor go tanda let you do this main thing again”

French Presido Nicolas Sarkozy add im own maggi on top say “Gadhafi’s deletion suppose start the time wey people go use church mind begin arrange demselves and forgive themselves and join body and freedom”.

British Presido David Cameron yarn say  “na today dem go remember all the people wey Gaddafi delete and even self the 270 people wey kpai  for inside Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland,for 1988 and the plenty plenty Libya people wey delete for Gaddafi and im guymen hand since wey dem begin use strong eye and strong hand rule”

Akonwe for UN, Ban Ki-Moon sef put mouth for the matter, “For days wey dey come so, we go see people dey jollificate and we go see people dey vex-cry, sake of say dem don lost many many things. Libya road still far o and e nor go easily for them at all at all, sake of say this na the end for the beginning”

As Zazugist look the matter, dem shake head small as per say, e nor be like say kasala don finish for Libya now wey Gaddafi don kpeme o.  Plenty work still dey ground because people eye don dey red since  and other people don dey shine eye for that government seat, sake  of say that country get plenty money from dem oil. Even sef, other  country like France and America wey help sandpaper Gaddafi so,  go like put dem hand inside the oil pot, as per say e go sweet for  them well well now and no man dey work wey nor go want make   dem pay am. But our prayer to baba God be say make e take style  help the country tanda again because many things plenty wey don  spoil for dia since the gbege begin for February.

As more matters dey shelle, Zazugist go shine dia eye dey yarn una  kia kia. Make una follow us follow the matter for  Facebook.com/zazugist and twitter@ zazugist because we nor go let una carry last.

Grave wey 900 full dey Libya

eople wey dey run tins for Libya don discover plenty plenty grave wey get about 900 dead body of people wey somebody bin bury alive.


The graves dem dey for Tripoli, wey be capital of Libya.

Dem say e be like the people wey die na those wen dey fight for the former presido Muammar Ghadaffi plus other fighters wey dey work for the National Transitional Council wey dey run tins now for Libya. On top dat one, e be like many ordinary people wey nor join any fight sef dey in side the grave.

Newspaper dem say Oga Naji al-Issawi wey dey among the people wey discover the grave dem yarn say some of the people wey die somebody chain dem for hand, come shoot dem join before dem bury the deadbody.