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Senate don suspend DG for Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority

Senate for Naija don ask di Director General for Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, Harold Damuren make im relax first from im work till dem torchlight finish wetin cause di plane wen kill many people on Sunday.

Tory dey reach us say di [plne wey get accident on Sunday so first get big problem to land bifor and instead of dem to stop di plane make im no fly again, dem begin dey clap hand for the pilot say im try well well wen im take land di plane without any katakata.

We hear say dem don see di blackbox for di plane already and dem don begin torchlight am make dem plane accident.

Shell dey Pack Oil wey Throway


After Senate Committee on top Environment matter don warn di Oil company make dem stop oil wey dey leak from their machine, Shell don gree say true true dem machine been dey leak after something spoil inside am.

Shell Oga patapata for Nigeria, Oga Mutiu Sunmonu yarn say  dem don send one plane make e dey torchlight di Place where di Oil dey from throway for Bonga town . Say di oil don dey reduce on top water where e been throway. Dem don bring people wey sabi oil matter well well and small time dem go still bring more machine and boat to commot dis dorty wey plenty on top water.

Chairmo on top Senate Committee for Environment, Senator Bukola Saraki gist Journalist say people for di committee, go carry leg eye go there ,make dem see with dem koro koro eye how di ting be, and make dem see whether e spoil tings for di people for dat village.

Dis Oil wey leak reach 40, 000 barrel, and naim worst pass for oil wey don leak for Nigeria since 1997. Na wa o, I sure say no matter how many plane and machine and oyibo people try torchlight di matter, all di fish for dat area go don kpai finish. Even farm for dat area fit don spoil sef! Na wa for dis kain blessing wey dey run belle o!


Senate wan give ministry more money


Bifor bifor Ministry for Commerce and Industry, wey don turn Ministry of Trade and Investment go need more money to take do di work wey gofment send am. Dis na wetin Senator Nenadi Sambo yarn for inside meeting wey she get with di Minister Oga Olusegun Aganga for Thursday inside Abuja.

Di ministry work a to do wetin e fit do make Oversea business people bring their money come do business for Naija, to find work for we people and to help people wey get small business make their business grow.

Senator Usman yarn say dis ministry get big work for their hand, as na dem suppose make small business people; dat na Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to grow. If dem fit do like dat, Naija sef go grow from di work of these small and medium business people.

As their work big na so dem go need big money make dem fit do di work. She yarn say dem need money to arrange work for plenty people wey nor get work for here.

Oga Aganga yarn say im Ministry don dey run tings with some oversea group dem, like DFID, dat na Department For International development UK, and World Bank. Im say dem don even dey get plenty meeting with Oversea business people wey go wan put dia money for Nigeria, inside Oil and Gas Business, Farming, Health and many other echeteram business wey dey Naija.

Una wey get small business, make una put ear for ground, make better nor pass u when money drop o!

Photo: Creative Commons

France: If you carry Ashewo; pay fine!


Senate for France wan sign law wey go make people stop to dey carry Ashewo. Inside di law, if dem catch man wey carry ashewo, dem fit lock am 6 months or e must pay fine wey reach 3000 euros or $4000.

One member of their senate, Oga Guy Geoffroy yarn say dem dey look ashewo as sontin wey bad, say many of di babes wey dey do dis ting na babes wey badoskies thief, carry come France. Dem dey see ashewo business as wetin be sufferhead for woman, dat na sontin wey efribodi no wan take ear hear again.

As di tory dey, France ashewo union don do I no Gree waka outside Senate office. Dem yarn say make gofment nor pour san san for their garri o! say wen bobo and babe gree for their business, e nor be like when badosky thief babe come France to do ashewo.

The union yarn say if gofment reduce dia customer, dem(ashewo) fit put hand for wetin dey worse pass ashewo. Na wa o, Ashewo sef get Human rights, abeg make dem no thief their rights o.


Ashewo for France. Photo: Creative Commons

Senators wan show Jonathan pepper


Na David Mark wey be senate presido, save oga Jonathan yesterday as our senators be wan comot chair from under in yansh, make im go back to village o. Nor be small red eye people wey dey make our law show for Abuja as dem come back from Salah jolliment o.  Dem dey vex for Presido Goodluck Jonathan, say the way wey im take dey handle security matter for we country na far-far-fowl!  Dem yari say presido nor fit protect people lives and property so therefore make im vamoose comot for power. Shuo! Una know say anything wey nor let our politician enjoy life must to make dem vex well well.

But sha o, Oga David Mark come beg im guys for Senate say make dem kulu temper say dem nor dey troway water wey dem take baff pikin and pikin together.

But dem tell Mark say, “look here, we nor dey joke o, we go jambody nor be small so make you kia kia go do face-me-i-face-you with presido o, or we go dambasa area o.”

Una wan know wetin make our senators dey vex like who dem thief im wife? Ok, alright – the matter nor pass say those bad belle people wey dey put senior knockout for everywhere dey blaskata area dey go, wey make people for Abuja and some area for North nor fit drink water put cup for ground again never still stop o.

And the vexing senators come yarn say e don tay wey day break, how come presido never  still fit do im work to make sure say im show this bad belle people say na be the ogbonge commander-in-chief for we country. Say im suppose by now don also blaskata this bad belle people comot for we area, which kain thing be this wey the bad belle people come dey win every time every time the way wey monkey take dey chop the banana of farmer wey dey sick.

Na behind closed door, na im all this rackies for Senate take place yesterday o, make una nor think say dem open door dey quarrel make people begin hear how dem dey rake presido Jona. But sha, Oga Mark come tell dem say, e good make everybody go kukuma meet presido himself, because na who dem break im head dem dey put for front to report to king.

Nor be only one meeting dem hold for behind door yesterday o, even the committee wey get hand for Defence, olopa matter, navy, and senior mai-guard wey dem dey call National Security come also hold one kain backdoor meeting so that dem go fit discuss how dem go yarn with security people to stop this wahala wey dey area so.

After all this rakings, na so the ogaranya for information and news matter for senate, Senator Enyinnava Abaribe come yarn wetin dem yarn for behind the doors wey dem close. Im talk say the jambody wey dem hear about for inside nor pass say senators want make presido and those wey the matter concern do something about security wahala for we country.

The man come still yarn say all of them know wetin dey shelle for Naija as we dey yarn so, say area don baje patapata and say our National Assembly go put better eye for matter and join hand with presido and im people to see how dem go take settle the matter. Senator Abaribe say, na talk dem still dey talk and dem dey look the mater from every every to make sure say things correct. E yarn many things sha, but una know say na the koko of the matter we dey always sunction una.


Wetin Zazugist think for this matter? Well we dey look God eye, because we know say dem never born the senators wey e go fit remove any presido for power for Naija. Even when we last presido Yar’Adua nor fit sign cheque again, shebi na dem dey help am sign am, mcheew – abeg make we leave matter jor. Nor be say we say this na empty raking o by our senator, but e good make dem shake body small sometimes na, otherwise people fit think say dem nor dey do dia work or begin ask them wetin dem dey get the big big allowee for. So Zazugist give 7 tuales to presido wey know say nothing go fit do am for the next three years.

We presido for Naija, Oga Goodluck Jonathan. Photo: Courtesy of The PUNCH

Senate: Nigeria dey lose N3tr every year on top corruption


We lawmakers wey dey for Senate don talk say the reason why poverty wan kill everybody for Nigeria and things no dey work be say too many people wey dey work with government as civil servant dey chop all the money for we country.

The Senate Committee ontop Federal Character and Inter-governmental Agencies matter talk for Abuja say every year e reach about N3 trillion wey Nigeria dey lose because of wuruwuru, people wen noor dey come work but dem dey collect money, people wey dey add money on top contract and other yamayama things wey wan finish we civil service.

The oga chair of the committe wey be  Dahiru Kuta, tell the people wey dey in charge of  all civil servant for Nigeria to expose all the corrupt  Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) of government kiakia with immediate alacrity.

Senate: Everybody pay must less for 2012 Budget


E be like we Senate don tie wrapper dey wait for the time wey we presido Goodluck Jonathan go come meet dem for National Assembly to present the 2012 budget.

Vanguard newspaper talk say e be like gbege go sheel eunless dem cut the pay of the presidency, the lawmakers and even the court people dem wey oyinbo dey call judiciary.

The oga Chair of the Senate Committee, wey be Enyinnaya Abaribe, tell journalist dem for Abuja say dem expect say gofment and judiciary dem go give demself brain and do wetin dem suppose do because salary for we gofment people dem  don too high.

Oga Abaribe say all of dem don gree sat the money wey Nigeria dey take run im gofment too much, and time don reach to shine eye on top we budget dem to know where we fit cut things down and na with this budget dem go start.


Im still open mouth on top all the rumor wey people dey talk say presido Jonathan don already comot N50 billion from the part of the 2012 budget wey suppose be runs money for the National Assembly. Oga Abaribe say Senate go react to the matter when dem take dem korokoro eye see the whole 2012 budget.

All the oga wey dey make law siddon gidigba. Photo: Creative Commons