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Baba Suwe shit don hit N1 Billion!


Mhmmm, e be like say this Baba Suwe shit matter don join body with Abami Eda, Fela imself, song o. Expensive Shit for Alagbon, abi una don forget? Well Zazugist nor dey forget that kain historical kalamitousity for Alagbon! Nor be today shit begin cost plenty money for Naija. Ok, alright, odinma – the shit matter don expensive well now o, as Baba Suwe lawyer don vex, im don vex patapata e nor wan hear sam sam and e don back price put ontop the Baba Suwe shit matter.

Wetin make am don day tear trouser so? Well I’m yarn say National Drug Law Enforcement Agency wey be NDLEA na suegbe and Baba Suwe na Pako. Sake of say NDLEA don too use tight hand for im guy, for seven days now den don day wait for the Baba Suwe to shit amala (as we dey call cocain and other ogbonge eye-and-brain turner) and na so the more den dey look the shit the more dem dey see beans way NDLEA boys dey give the guyman chop.

Barrister Mohammed Bashir say na N1billion only na im e go ask court to yarn NDLEA dem to pay for this jambody way dem dey do so. In case you new for we obodo Naija, Zazugist go like remind you say nobody dey gree for million here o, na billion we dey take clean yansh if we shit finish. So, this na very expensive shit as we don yarn you before. And una know e nor easy to siddon for detention why the whole country people dey wait make u kaka.

Oga Bashir tell P.M.NEWS this morning say e nor matter whether dem see cocain or heroin or the first edition of Introduction To Biology by Stone and Cozen inside Baba Suwe shit, say dem nor suppose arrest Naija pikin pass 24 hours, especially when dem nor see drug for im body.

The lawyer tear eye say since dem never allow am see Baba Suwe and the matter go must reach court by tomorrow wey be Friday. Oga Bashir say even if NDLEA wan do their job, dem for still try obey the same law wey dem sef wan help we Naija people dey obey. And my people una wan hear wetin Zazugist think of this matter? Well, we go like quote our ogbonge bros way don delete since, Fela way talk say “You give me shit, I give you shit”!

Na court go settle the matter. Photo: Creative Commons