Terrorists dey kill people inside shopping complex for Kenya

The terrorists  group wey dem dey call Al-Shabab, wey dey give wahala for Somalia, don enter Kenya, come go one shopping complex for Nairobi, dey shoot people anyhow.


Na on Saturday na im the whole gbege start. Dem say some men wey carry gun, cover head, enter inside one shopping complex wey dem dey call Westgate for Nairobi come begin dey shoot people wey no be Muslim.

The government of Kenya don talk say na about 59 people die for the shopping complex and say about 150 people wound.

For that Saturday, na im the terrorist group wey dem dey call Al-Shabab, wey start for Somalia, talk fro Twitter say na dem dey kill people for this shopping complex. Dem say na revenge for the way wey Kenya soldiers dey fight dem for Somalia, dey “kill Muslims.”

This shopping complex na very popular one for Nairobi wey rich people and foreigners wey dey work for Nairobi dey like go.

People wey die for this horror movie include the nephew of the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and the nephew fiancee.  Also one very popular poet from Ghana, Kofi Awoonor.

Bad things…

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